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Government Watch

The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance

This section of the Philosophy Class web site enables you to  get the information you need to be an informed and active citizen.

Official Government Sites

    Firstgov is the official web portal of the federal government.
Massachusetts Government
    The official web site of the Massachusetts State Government
White House
    The official site of the President
    The official sites of the two houses of Congress
    Information on courts that are online
Federal Statistics
    A web portal for a wide range of statistics about the nation.
Foreign Embassies
    Links to most foreign embassies in the US
United Nations
    Official site of the world organization

Government Watch Sites

Project Vote Smart
    Find out the voting record of officials, details of campaigns, and a vast array of behing the scenes political information
Open Secrets
    The best site for information about campaign finance. Learn what organizations are financing our politicians
    An open forum of ideas and issues that confront the government today
Open Government
    A new site that hopes to collect information to monitor the activities of our elected officials